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PAYDAYGhana is a business and financial platform that creates an avenue for millions of Ghanians to stay above waters financially. Connecting wholesalers and retailers to their buyers. Allowing the ordinary member to earn a 100% interest raise of his donation.

Statistics implies that in platforms where participants circulates funds amongst themselves with a stated interest return rate within a stipulated time frame, tend to have backlogs, more loss and nothing show for the gain. And facts states that backlogs are due to these given interests without product or source of income for these incentives. More loss comes with when the platform reaches its zero momentum and saturated, hence leaving little or nothing to get its members paid. Nothing to show is accountable to the participants that tends to squander and not save up or acquire properties with these given interests.

Realising this, the administrators of PAYDAYGhana conjoins creativity sapped from these negative facts.

PAYDAYGhana entails an investors plan and a Shop. The investors plan is for our investors, whose role is to pump in money into to the system when backlogs sets in. (Investors partake on a 1million naira 30% in 30 working days plan, with guaranteed return and signed files)

The shop on the other hand keeps the participants busy. The sellers makes extra cash with a quick chance of selling their products, while the buyers squire properties.

WHEN IS PAYDAYGhana LIKELY TO CRASH?? This is an often asked question from participants who are not new to loss on peer to peer platforms. However, after several months of research and consideration the administrators of PAYDAYGhana has set in place, strategies to which durability is ensured.

We do not intend to keep your hopes high, but we promise to MAKE GREAT EXPERIENCES HAPPEN!

Are you wired for this? Join us on PAYDAYGhana, let your tale begin!!!!

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PAYDAYGhana connects Ghanians willing to raise their financial status and live above limits either by selling their product and used items or by helping each other.

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